Recently, we had the chance to participate in a Habitat build, and it was such a humbling, yet fun day. It was a Women Build Day, so it couldn’t have been a better fit for the 3 of us. We pulled up to the site, unsure of what to expect, and walked into a group of lovely and ambitious ladies. Everyone was so nice and we even got to meet and work alongside the future homeowner of the build site. So after introductions, project to-do’s, and hammer assignments, we rolled up our sleeves and put our hard-hats on for a full days work.


Let’s be honest. Aside from Jen and her handy skills in the wood shop, we’re more magic mouse-in-hand kind of gals than we are masters of the hammers. But putting ourselves out there and for a good cause, was more than enough to push us out of our comfort zones. And believe it or not, it turns out we’re pretty good with hammers! We spent the day building door frames, new relationships, and our construction abilities, all while having a genuinely good time in the process.

Jacks With Hammers


Even though we were out of our element, we realized how capable we actually are. Even though construction for 2 of the Jacks is new, we are more than able to lend a hand. We have talents beyond the graphic design realm and when those can be used to help other humans it’s a no-brainer. And then this funny thing happens when you’re willing and able, you stop and look around and realize you’re happy. Happy to give your time, happy to help, and happy to be one small part of this family’s new home.


While I’m sure it might seem like we’re rolling in the big bucks, the reality is, we’re graphic designers. Our pockets may not necessarily be that deep, but we always want to maintain giving back. There are so many ways to do that beyond just writing out a check. We’ve been working with Habitat for over a year now and helping out in a way where we can use our talents to make a difference. That’s right! So not only have we recently helped build a house, we have also recently re-designed and built a website for Habitat’s Washington & Dodge Counties of Wisconsin. With such a dynamic team full of people who passionately believe in what they do, we knew we wanted to be able to help. If you’re interested in volunteering as well, please visit their site to see all the projects currently underway.

So we first put the computer to work, then put the hammers to use, and we can’t wait to see what we get to do next with them. As we go into the weekend, can you think of anything you could help out with?