We seem to have a running theme this spring- “How do you feel about starting a small business in Milwaukee?” We’ve been asked this quite frequently recently. Our answer has pretty much remained the same since the first day that we opened Streamline Jacks and Lindsay said it best in a recent article on us written by BizStarts.

Is Milwaukee a good place to start a new business? “It has been for us. There’s been nothing but love from the city, and we love it right back.”

So why do we say that? Our answer is simple – the resources. If you know where to look, or just get out there and talk to someone, chances are they can point you to one of the numerous opportunities out there for entrepreneurs. These resources can all help you do what we think is essential for each business- growth through learning. We believe it’s one of the most important things you can do as a small company, constantly strive to learn more things. Industry-related things, current events things, personal things, learn all the things. We find as many places as possible to learn more and in Smallwaukee the chances are anything but small.

Most recently we’ve taken advantage of Newaukee’s YPWeek. This week entailed long events of curated talks, classes, and social events helps promote learning, discovery, and those insightful conversations that everyone benefits from. Newaukee does an excellent job of… aw heck why try to rewrite it when they say it brilliantly on their site: “YPWeek brings together key leaders in the community, at purposefully chosen locations that integrate the unique cultural assets with meaningful learning or social interaction.”


All the Jacks took advantage of the week with 4 lunch classes put on by Concordia University. Lindsay and Jen took advantage of a couple evening networking events with the Speaker Crawl and Purely Social and all of our Thursday morning was spent at the Hudson Business Lounge listening to Jeff Martin’s story. 7 events in 5 days for no cost, resources people! That’s just what we took advantage of, Newaukee’s offerings were quite substantial. The week was filled with so much to learn. We brushed up on some old skills, learned totally new things, and most importantly were inspired and influenced in the most positive of ways.

The whole week was not only informative and inspiring, but really encouraged us as a company as well as individually to take a step back in the whole scheme of things. We found ourselves re-evaluating our purpose and our ‘whys’. Why are we doing what we’re doing? Why would we leave a full-time job and consistent paycheck to take a turn in the crazy game of entrepreneurship? What about our ‘why’ makes up our what? So many questions for the answering, and we’d be lying if we said we had them all right now. But we will say this: we love what we do. So thank you, YPWeek for re-confirming that simple fact, and reminding us why we took the leap in the first place.

For anyone out there currently taking the leap or maybe debating doing so, if you ever want like-minded brains to pick, give us a shout. We’d love to hear your story!