I’m always with a sketchbook & pencil, it’s always within arm’s reach. Being able to open the pages and let my hand wander has always been part of my creative process and outlet. The very first memory I have of sketching is not of my own doodles, but watching my dad.

His piece of paper was maybe 4 inches by 4 inches, his reference was a stuffed mallard duck that has always hung on our wall. I can remember him sitting there drawing this duck, putting so much into the details. The proportions of the duck were perfect. The environment he put the duck in was thoughtfully laid out. I mean 25 years later, I still think about this 4×4 duck, that’s how good it was to me.


I find myself to this day trying to emulate my dad, putting that much energy and concentration into my work. I tend to envy those people that can go nuts when it comes to drawing. They don’t worry about the perfect shape or the ideal sizing ratio. They just let their hand flow and create these beautiful pieces of art. I obsess on creating the perfect subject, the perfect shadow cast, the perfect corner, the perfect shade. As I progress as a creative I try to push even more. Explore what else is out there. Different styles, different mediums- it should all be fair game.

Pushing one’s self is imperative to finding out what you’re truly capable of. I do it as a designer everyday. While I’ve evolved into utilizing the digital space more, I still am never not within reach of my sketchbook.