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Linda’s speciality is capturing candid moments with real people. That is abundantly clear when you get lost in her photography. After years of wedding photography fueling her business, she decided that she’d love to start reaching out into her other areas of expertise of photography and approached us to help pivot her site to coincide with this shift. She had this fantastic theme that she’s laced throughout her business of Work, Play, Love that she wanted to now weave into her web presence. Her other ask was simplicity and oh yeah, did enjoy that! The result has been a fantastic collaboration that puts Linda right at the forefront of Milwaukee photographers with a beautiful, simple website.

Glowing Words of Adoration for Streamline Jacks

Jen, Jordan & Lindsay delivered an epic project for my site development!
When I knew I’d outgrown my web site I considered templates and developers on line. I asked so many questions It became quickly apparent that I wanted more than just an upgrade to a responsive site. I needed accessible, local Milwaukee creatives I could meet with and dream up a custom website that represents the professionalism and style of my photography brand. Streamline Jacks listened and developed a robust blog site that puts my product in the hands of diverse customers with an omnipresent call to action. After a few minutes on my site, my clients are ready for the next step in hiring their photographer. Being a creative I think about how much I love the look and navigation of my new site, but the Streamline Jacks work ethic also gets the job done. I’m relentlessly detail oriented, and they are a pleasure to talk to delivering beyond expectation!

– Linda Smallpage


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