Cuban with a Twist

Cuban with a Twist is a fun mother-daughter duo who sure can cook! When we first started working with these ladies, it was clear to us that they were going to need a look with a little extra zest to it. We were able to capture their essence in a fun, yet simple logo, as well as matching that in the design of their website (filled with awesome recipes!). Their passion for exceptional food was a perfect pair for our drive to design an exceptional brand. Now all that’s left is we’re still waiting for the day they offer to make us some of that fantastic grub!


Behind the Brand

The name in itself gives it away that Cuban with a Twist is just that little bit of extra fun and out of the ordinary. With that notion in mind, we aimed for a simple, yet vibrant logo that conveys exactly that. The typeface maintains a professional look, yet it is infused with a little extra play to give that added touch of character.


they are on point and professional

Our experience with the Jacks has been fantastic, they are on point and professional. I love working with the Jacks to help our company move forward and continue growing.

– Jennifer Betances


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