Farm Fresh Promotions

Movers and Shakers would be a good description of Farm Fresh Promotions. They are out there doing the dang thing day and night to ensure they are on the forefront of offerings for their clients. And throughout all of that, they never forget their roots. Owner, Peter, is at his roots, a country boy. He approached us with the hope that we could create branding for his business that stays true to his roots, but keeps him moving forward. And we did just that!



Behind the Brand

Above most, we wanted the farm to come through in not just the wording, but the imagery. On the flipside of the that, we did not want the traditional farm feeling. Because of that we kept the fonts very modern with a little quirk to them by using a mix of san serif and display fonts. The imagery and texture is where we gave the modern take to a farm aesthetic to the next level. Iconography of tractors, farm animals, and farm buildings help bolster the brand and bring it to life. And it’s all driven home with the color palette of the brand. No red and white checkers would cut it for Farm Fresh.



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