Large Concrete

Some of our most creative projects come from the most unexpected places. Who would think you’d run across hand lettering at the bottom of a cement bucket. But we found just that. Alex Large, at Large Concrete, was looking for unique branding for his new precast concrete business. He was open to just about anything and really let Streamline Jacks run wild with the branding. We wanted to help Alex stand out in a sea of monotonous construction company brands so we took a whole new approach. And thus one of our favorite identities was born!

Behind the Brand

We’ve seen concrete being used in all new ways, countertops, sinks, precast benches. This is what Large Concrete is pushing, the norm, and therefore we also wanted to use concrete differently. We know there’s all sorts of standards out there, avoid texture, gradients- gross, badges are overused, but when it all comes together so nicely, who are we to argue. We wanted that handcrafted nature as well, but no vintage take here, we utilized custom hand lettering with more of an edge to infuse the logo with just that.

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