Business baked from scratch

Haley came to us with a typical project request: website and branding. But what wasn’t typical was her energy, drive, and most of all, her story — working together would be a must. Haley found a passion in patisserie and set out to make it a real possibility. She spent her career in the restaurant industry collecting every trick, every tip — every lucky one — to make her own bakery dream come true. Home kitchen experiments quickly scaled to a full-on sugar empire. From Birthdays to Bachelorettes, Haley offers eye-catching designs for any occasion, even concert hall green rooms for the likes of Chelsea Handler, Slash, and whatever hot ticket strolls through Milwaukee on tour.

brand design
website design & dev

The Ask

Can we take your order?

Haley wanted to step up her digital presence so she could take Lucky One Baking Co. into its next phase: full cookie bakery mode. Up till now, she depended on word of mouth and Instagram to drive interest. But ultimately that resulted in more leg work and a clumsy customer experience. A website would be necessary to help solidify her brand and authority, as well as give her customers the best experience to increase retention and referrals. We knew we needed to make Haley’s life easier too, so she could concentrate on what she does best.

The Answer

Best Cookies Ever

The request was simple and the solution was extremely effective. We designed a funky, friendly brand and WordPress website that leverages Haley’s best asset — gorgeously detailed cookie designs — to boost Lucky One’s skills and offerings and give website visitors an instant understanding of Haley’s energy. We implemented content-specific triggers, such as a 1-2-3 process, to guide users from product awareness to conversion. We designed a feast-for-the-eyes gallery that allows Haley’s talent to shine through and spark the imagination of her customers. We developed a simple form system for customers to move quickly from curious onlooker to salivating customer in an instant. We also ensured Haley has room to expand with mentions of other bakery goods and to keep all expansion options open.

The experience

Set your oven to 350º

Some of our favorite clients come from the small startups such as Haley. Like others, Haley was attentive, easy to work with, and open to new ideas on how we can push the site so it would be perfect for herself as well as easy for her customers to use. Her cookies really show the talent she has with bringing simple ideas to life, so we were excited to be able to achieve that feel through her brand and website. Life is always better with a fresh baked cookie!