Stroll Down Memory Lane

We met Anna when she took the ultimate leap to be her own boss, with a passion for her hometown of Milwaukee. We’re suckers for female entrepreneurs bucking the norm so we were all over this! She embarked on an innovative approach to start her new business venture, Walking Milwaukee: self-guided, historical walking tours. What we loved most was how Anna put her whole heart and soul out there so new visitors and hometowners alike could see Milwaukee through her eyes… and feet! So tie up those comfy shoes, and let’s walk!

Print Collateral
Packaging Design

The Ask

From Run to Jog

We couldn’t wait to help take her brilliant spark of an idea and create a tangible product that made her walking tours all the more accessible (yes, there’s a ghost one too, it’s amazing!) Anna asked us to create custom illustrations that would bring all of her favorite Milwaukee historical buildings to life. She wanted to ensure that the illustration style would appeal to everyone, no matter what their demographic. Slowing down to get this style right became our main focus during the initial concepting stages.

The Answer

From Jog to Walk

To set these designs apart from any ol’ visitor information brochure, we paired clean lines with an unconventional color palette: neutral, nature-inspired colors set a landscape tone while pops of bright red and yellow added energy and excitement to each tour location. In the end, the outcome was a style with which Anna was incredibly pleased. The final product — one deck of 10 tours and 8 landmark cards — remains one of our favorite illustration projects over the past decade, and inspired us to slow down and stroll the city we love

“The designs were amazing and their hard work is putting my product on the map! Working with Streamline Jacks was a joy!”

– Anna Lardinois

The experience

And Away She Walked

This project from our own early days as a business has stuck with us for years, not only because of its unique challenge, but because of the amazing entrepreneur behind it all. The Walking Milwaukee deck quickly inspired deck number two: the Tosa Edition, both featured in gift shops around the city. We’re stoked to be one small part of another mighty female entrepreneurial story!


“Working with Streamline Jacks was one of the best business decisions I have made. They were patient when guiding this design-phobic newbie through a challenging major project. They supported me through each step of the process, offering suggestions while adhering to my timeline. The designs were amazing and their hard work is putting my product on the map! Working with Streamline Jacks was a joy!”

– Anna Lardinois