Walking Milwaukee

It’s been said that life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage. Than we believe that Anna’s life with Walking Milwaukee, has grown 10x bigger in the short amount of time we’ve known her. In that period she’s taken the ultimate leap to be her own boss, taken an innovative approach to start a new business venture, and put her heart and soul out there to show other’s that she believes so much in this, that they should too. We’re constantly impressed by her and so happy to have been part of this crazy path she’s started. She gave us direction and inspiration to help create illustrations and editorial layouts that are memorable and eye-catching. We couldn’t be more excited with the outcome. Enjoy!

Tour Cards


Behind the Illustrations

Anna wanted to ensure that the illustration style did not lean towards one gender or another. These cards need to appeal to a 60 year old dad or a 21 year old woman, therefore this was the main focus during the initial concepting stages. The solution was clean lines with an unconventional color palette. An emphasis on neutral, nature inspired colors was ramped up a bit with pops of reds and yellows. In the end, the outcome was a style that Anna was incredibly pleased with and one of our favorite illustrations so far.

patient when guiding this design-phobic newbie

Fun. Easy. Professional.
Working with Streamline Jacks was one of the best business decisions I have made. They were patient when guiding this design-phobic newbie through a challenging major project. They supported me through each step of the process, offering suggestions while adhering to my timeline. The designs were amazing and their hard work is putting my product on the map! Working with Streamline Jacks was a joy!

– Anna Lardinois


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