Weeds actually bloomed from the expansion of it’s sister store, Lillies. Both located in Historic Downtown Cedarburg, Weeds specializes in green goods for both your home and your garden. If it’s American-made, a natural alternative to an everyday good, or a local artist – Weed’s has it. They asked us to help create a brand, in-store collateral, packaging, and a website that helps invoke the green movement and local craftwork, but can also co-exist with Lillies in advertising ventures.



Behind the Brand

This brand needed to be timeless and unique. There’s no other store out there like Weeds and their knowledge is bar none. We wanted to instill knowledge and structure into the brand with the use of a formal font, but didn’t want to forget how much fun this business is either. We brought in that whimsy approach with the use of a dandelion and thistle, two extremely recognizable weeds.

has allowed us to be confident in our marketing strategy

Working with Streamline Jacks has allowed us to be confident in our marketing strategy without all the stress of handling it ourselves. The Jacks know us well enough that we know we can just hand over a project and they will deliver a top-notch finished piece that clearly tells our story to our customers. And man are they speedy!

– Karen and Jim Lillie


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