Discovery & Strategy

We seem to be approached by clients in one of two manners. The “I Need A (Insert Specific Project)” or we have the “Holy Cats, I Don’t Know Where to Begin!” In either case, we’re here to help you through the process. And it all begins with Discovery & Strategy. Here we determine exactly what design services you need, how we can deliver it in the most effective manner possible, and begin creating our plan of attack.

We want design to be fun for everyone involved! Though it may seem daunting, we’re here with you every step of the way. As our client, it will be smooth sailing (just ask Jen!) for your entire design journey.


Setting the foundation to an identity is one of the most important elements to any successful brand. This foundation is the ground on which all brand elements rest upon, and it all begins with a logo that will be the champion of the brand. It should be made timeless, evoke emotions, and most importantly, kick ass. From there all necessary supporting elements such as typefaces, colors, and icons are established and brand recognition begins.

We vet out all the avenues that the brand may use and create helpful tools for you, including style guides, which help you and your team cohesively use the brand to its best capabilities, thus growing and growing your brand recognition. (Whew! Told you we love long sentences!)


Humans are naturally curious creatures. We like to be able to touch things, pick them up and spin them on our hands, bend them, and deconstruct them. Pair that with something that’s physical and visually pleasing? That’s the basis of graphic design and the reason why all the Jacks do what we do: to create. With the digital frontier constantly growing and expanding, we can’t forget about where it all started.

We get very excited at the prospect of starting a project with its roots in print. Being able to take a brand and give it a playground to go nuts on. That’s what this job is all about.


Our fine art backgrounds start to peak out here. As our reach expands in the graphic design world, we’ve held on to our passions for illustration as an outlet to just let ourselves be creative. The more we’ve put ourselves out there, the more we’ve been commissioned for pieces. And now it’s a full-blown design services offering that we specialize in. The beauty of 3 Jacks is 3 different artistic styles and viewpoints on a project. From realistic to abstract, we have a Jack and a style to fit your need.(Be forewarned though, we’re known to get REALLY excited for an illustration project!)


Our number one request? Website assistance. Every Jack has been creating websites since she began designing. Our experience runs from custom-coded sites to integrated CMS platforms. With the rapidly changing tendencies of the world wide web, we are constantly evolving and working hard to keep ahead of the game.

We know that the web is available in the palms of the hands of billions of people. Because of that, responsive design is highly emphasized around these parts. Ensuring you get the best looking site possible, no matter the device.


Email is a guilty little pleasure around here. We know what some may say about its antiquated coding or its finicky delivery systems or its extreme demand to be mobile friendly. But here, with us, we can’t get enough of it. Our experience with email began at a large retail corporation and ranges all the way down to small “mom and pop” shops. From the strategy of a large campaign or the delicacies of a single responsive email, to the knowledge of email service providers and reporting, we can’t get enough of this stuff or its ever-changing nature.

Oh sure, there may be some choice words exchanged with an inanimate screen, but at the end of the day there’s nothing better than when that test email comes through perfectly!


We like to think of social media as the ever-evolving, never-ending juggernaut of promotion. Too little and you can potentially hurt your business, too much and you might drive people away. And where do you post or tweet or snap for the best results? Don’t worry we’re here to help you navigate this fast paced highway. We’ll help you create unique and personal plans of attack to optimize your social media presence, all while keeping it within a plan that you can handle.