Hello Summer, You Old Friend

We’re catching ourselves saying that we’re so excited for Summer now that it’s finally here and then realizing that it’s also already almost over. How did that happen? Again!?

Every Spring we say that this year we’re going to take Summer easy. We’re just going to let the weekends spontaneously fill themselves up at a leisurely rate. Keeping it laid back and easy going. Wrong. Not only have we’ve managed to pack our weekends full of fun adventures this summer, but we’ve picked up quite steadily during the work week as well. But busy is good business, and we’re happy to be in it.

Goodbye Summer…

We’re doing so many cool things so it’s a little jerk-ish for us to whine, but we figured we ought to surface on our blog again and let you know why we’ve been so quiet these past two months. It’s how it always go – your good intentions turn into a chore and then when the chore is something for yourself and not your client, it goes bye-bye for a bit. And then boom! One day you find yourself writing a blog to tell everyone you’re going on a summer hiatus to alleviate some of the guilt and anxiety riding you for being so busy.

And that’s where we find ourselves in this very second of the universe. But we want to make up for it a bit. With really fun pictures, of really fun things – sneak peaks of projects in the works, pictures of where Lindsay went tail over teakettle into a North Woods’ river, our camping situation and serenading the river on the Fourth of July weekend. There was also a yurt, a jig in the Detroit airport, fly swatter skills, and photoshoots.

So What’s Next Ladies?

Have no fear! We will be back to giving you helpful advice, life updates, fun new projects (there’s a lot in the works for us) and just overall get back to talking your ear off. Until then we appreciate the patience and hope we can inspire you all to get out there and enjoy your summer!