When we started this journey over 3 years ago we did it over plans for what could be, what we wanted to be, and how this path is our path to make. We’ve treaded down it for the most part as 3 business-minded women creating a strong, unique, and fulfilling company. Meeting clients that we believe in and having built a culture we are proud of. But behind all the countless hours of work, weekends on the computer, and stress over the next project we have stayed true to our path. And the biggest marker on that path? Do it our way. If you’re one of our clients you may have heard this in our little spiel, “We want to do it our way- meet you in denim over a beer and be just as big of an advocate for your company” (if you’re a potential client, be prepared to hear it). But that has never just encapsulated our company, that has been our life motto.


Today it can be seen more true than ever as one Jack sets sail (quite literally) for a new chapter of her life. Today Jen, her husband, and their 2 dogs climbed aboard the Lacuna, a 30 foot year-long-labor-of-love sail boat, and left the port on a grand adventure. Now some of you knew the upcoming jaunt and some of you are hearing it for the first time, but we want to make sure no red flags are being raised. Jen approached the other 2 Jacks over a year ago with this fantastical idea, to which they said “yeah, I mean we can make anything work” and away went the fleeting thought… until the Lacuna landed in Jen’s driveway. Oh ok, this is more real isn’t it? Next came the discussions, can this work, sure sure, right? Can you work? Does wifi work in the water? Do you want to work? Will you still want me when I come back? And the desk job part of the our company, man those questions resulted in all sorts of hoola hoops. But this list of questions never grew longer than the giant YOU HAVE TO DO THIS we drew.

Leah On Deck

And so she’s doing it! For the next year, Jen and her family will be sailing what is known as ‘The Great Loop’ which only means adventures for us other 2 Jacks, as we strategically plan our meet-up points along the way. It also means giving Jen some voyage space as she treads these new waters, but still keeping her on the payroll and in the loop (man, can this sentence be anymore punny!). But yes, Jen will still be working, just a little differently over the course of the next year. So a maybe a little less Jen face-time (but I mean we do have FaceTime) and a little more Jordan and Lindsay dealings, but her brain power and skills will never be far away. And that is more than okay, because that is exactly what makes Streamline Jacks our absolute dream job. Overflowing our love for what we do, right on over into your business too. We’ll be keeping tabs on her for all of you along the way, but for a more intimate following on Jen’s adventure, make sure you check out and follow her sailing blog, Lacuna Sails.

So here we are – one Jack on the water, two Jacks on land and stronger than ever. This will no doubt make for an interesting year, but it’s what we’re all about and has been ingrained in our very creation. It’s our path that is bound to only evolve us to that next level of kick assery that is Streamline Jacks.