An Assisted Guide to Updating Your WordPress Site

Did you hit a tricky part? What did we tell you to do again? All your questions are now answered! We have compiled a list of videos to assist you in updating your website. This way you have a go-to guide to use at your own convenience. If you have any questions or you would like to see additional videos, please use the form below and we’ll get back to you just as fast as we can!

Posting to your Blog

Below you will see where all essential pieces of a post need to be added. Key highlights to this section are to include a headline, select a category (or categories) for the post, and be sure to set a featured image to each blog post.

Media Library

Your media library holds all of the images that are on your website. You will go here to upload new images or find a previously uploaded picture. A special note here would be to not delete any existing images you may see but don’t recognize. We have utilized it somewhere on your site and deleting it will result in removing the element for viewers to be replaced with nothing.

Contact Forms

If there is a form on your page, you will be able to find it in this section. You will use this menu item to view, edit, create, or export data collected by your forms.

Website Page Editing

From your menu options, Pages is the place you will probably do the most editing in. Within this menu item you will be able to access all the pages of your website. The editing in here can be a little more in-depth so at any time if you feel in too deep, please contact us. The biggest thing we caution our clients with, is to not delete any of the sections within a page. You may not want the information on the page any longer, but by deleting the section totally you remove the formatting & styling for any future content within that space.

Your Projects

Not all websites will utilize the projects section. You will know whether or not yours does & if so –
you’re in the right spot for editing! Your projects will be handled much in the same way you add or edit Posts. Be sure to include a headline, a category or categories, and a featured image to each project.

Updating your Plugins

Plugins are sometimes the essential pieces we need to make your site perform in all the unique ways your business needs. They need to be updated occasionally and this is something you can handle on your own. With that we need to caution that sometimes, because they are working pieces of the site, updates may include more internal coding fixes that, once updated, may adjust your site (but not always!). You may see this in weird spacing issues, a previous function goes missing, or mobile layouts seem changed. These are normal and fixable, but we want to make sure you are aware they may happen. It’s always best practice that once you update your plugins, give your site a once over to make sure everything still looks alright. Note any changes that you may need to dig into and as always we’re here to help! If anything goes awry let us know as soon as possible and we can lend a hand.

Streamline Jacks does offer yearly, quarterly, or monthly plans to make website updates. This includes creating a backup of your current website, updating plugins, updating themes, testing and reviewing your website to ensure everything is working to its fullest potential. Reach out if you are interested!

Adding or Editing Users

You may need to let additional team members into your site for editing or updating. It is best practice to be able to track this by giving those members their own User login. Assigning them a specific role will help to limit how much access they have to the website, including removing access.

Have questions on making updates to your site?

When you work with Streamline Jacks, you’re never left out in the cold. If you ever need help with editing or updating your site we’re here to assist.